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New ideas about water lilies

My environment is a source of inspiration for art.
There is a dam fed by an underground spring – it has fish, eels, tortoises and lots of ducks and water hens.
The water hens have just had babies.
There is an azure kingfisher which lives there as well.
My next mixed media will be the kingfisher, water lilies and dragonflies.

Water lilies on our dam at Uralba

It reminds me of Monet’s water garden – I would love to visit there and is ‘on the list’!

Spotted pardolotes – mixed media series

I have been making mixed media art with papers and ink. I love mixed media – it is a lot of fun. Four of them featured spotted pardolotes which are a small bird but my interests in them goes back to primary school. I was living in Victoria, Australia. I think it was the Gould League and I drew a spotted pardolote for a competition – I was happy with the result but unfortunately I don’t have the drawing. I love spots on birds – pardolotes, brown pigeons, guinea fowls and so on.

I created 4 mixed media pieces – Bush Pocket, Chance for a birdsong, Morning Light and Special Haven.

another beautiful day for painting

I think ‘the smell of rain’ is finished – in time for the Ocean Shores art expo. Now need to continue on with ‘Treasured’, a painting of a dog who I saw one day when I was out and he was a very special and ‘treasured’ dog with a beautiful garland of flowers. These works are for the art expo with the theme ‘treasures’.

the smell of rain
the smell of rain